Sunday, August 29, 2010

Backyard Sunset

"Backyard Sunset"

in Acrylic on 11x14"
Wrap Canvas with Painted sides.

Taken from a photo I took from my back deck over our canal,
Painted for my next door Neighbors "80"th Birthday,
he usually collects our mail while away, great neighbor!
his home is to my left, his shed is next to that big palm! 

He loved it!! I found out that ...this big palm tree
was planted by him in '91 as a coconut that grew,
and moved from his previous home to this one in '94
with the tree on the front of the pontoon boat and
planted it in the back yard!! So it Means ALOT
more to him then I thought! See I painted it for a reason,
 just didnt know it at the time!!

Completed 8/29/10


  1. What a nice painting! It makes you feel so good to give it to someone who appreciates it..and because he grew the tree himself even makes it more special. Beautiful sunset...Great painting Kathie.

  2. Thank you very much, yes it realy made it more special and makes me very happy to have him so pleased with the gift of memories!

  3. Very special Kathy. I'm sure he was thrilled with it. What a nice back yard.

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