Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bearded Man

" Bearded Man"
11x14 on Canvas Panel
Painted in Oils
This is a first for me as I have never painted in Oils before,
except for a small practice painting about a few weeks ago.
This was done in an Online Workshop this weekend with
David Darrow of "Dave the Painting Guy"
I learned alot about Oil painting with Dave and this workshop helped me do a portrait without a sketch to start, very informative and a great learning experience with Dave.
I realy appreciate all the time he took with critiquing our photos we sent in during the workshop, it was realy helpful and I wouldn't hesitate to take another workshop!!
Even watching his show is very helpful as well
Thanks Dave!!
Price:  $125.00 USD
S&H: $12.00  USD


  1. Hi Kathie, this is a very nice painting, like the reds and the dark background and the beard is just wonderful.

  2. Great job, Kathie! I agree with Doris, the beard is wonderful! How do you like the oils? They work better for me with portraits than acrylics. I enjoy visiting your blog.

  3. Thank you very much Doris and Rosemary!!
    I am enjoying Oils, still learning to handle them right now. This was a great workshop with Dave!! Glad you enjoyed the blog!

  4. Interesting blog, & fresh, keep it up!

    Wat do you think of mine?